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Frances Merivale is a London-based writer. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck College, University of London, and studied studied English and Classics at the University of Nottingham.

Frances has worked for over 10 years in international development - first at Book Aid International, then at UNICEF, where she wrote fundraising proposals and reports and accompanied donors on project visits to places as far apart as Iran, Bhutan, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Frances has written two novels. The Missing Track is about a failed misfit in the music industry and got quite far along the road to publication. In 2009, Frances won an Arts Council grant to take a research trip on a cargo ship for her second novel, Cargo. This novel is now complete and is seeking representation. Last year, Frances left her job at UNICEF to focus on writing and look after her 2-year old son. She works as a freelance proposal writer, currently on a contract with UNHCR (UN refugee agency).

Frances’s short stories have featured in Tell Tales: The Global Village and The Mechanics Institute Review. She was short-listed for the Bridport Prize 2011.