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Cargo is about a young woman, Cristina Dale, who boards a cargo ship to escape her overbearing mother. This is meant to be her break for freedom, but instead the journey takes her deeper into the truth about her mother’s limitations – and her own.

On board she meets a stowaway, Michael Burns, who hid on the ship to escape a beating from dock workers. Both he and Cristina are carrying secrets they are trying to run from. But now – trapped on a great metal container with nowhere else to go – they cannot run from each other.

It’s a story about stepping out of one world and into another, about hiding and needing to be seen.

The Missing Track 

There’s no success like failure, and failure’s no success at all – Bob Dylan 

Fifty-nine year old music obsessive, Sebastian Dennox, has just burnt down his house – and his life’s work along with it. Confused and in shock, he assumed it was an accident, but now, lying with bandaged feet in the hospital burns unit, he’s not so sure it wasn’t his own shambolic doing. For all he can think about is the letter that arrived a week before, interrupting his static, inadequate life by reminding him of the pain of things lost. 

Now, homeless and broken, Sebastian is forced to confront the failures of his musical career and sets off to track down the life – and the woman – he came so close to having thirty years before. As he takes the first tentative steps towards a new future, Sebastian will begin to discover if we ever really get the chance to make up for missed opportunities. 

Asking whether failures are only true failures if we don’t attempt to salvage anything from them, The Missing Track is about following your dream – and discovering what’s left if you never make it.